Start a mobile detailing company with a Speedy K's Franchise. We will help you become a detailing expert!
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Speedy K's Entry Level Business Package

You may choose from many start up packages/kits to suit your needs.
This is just an example of one.

Speedy K's Biz-Opt entry level is only $10,000. Here is what we have to offer:

  • Your own exclusive designated territory (Speedy K's experts will review your best territory options)
  • A comprehensive two (2) day hands on training course with our own on site detailing professionals  (Additional Training is Available)
  • The Guide to Becoming a Professional at Mobile Detailing:  A Complete Step-by-Step Professional Detailing Training Manual written by the owner of Speedy K's
  • Comprehensive training and hand books created by the owner of Speedy K's (New books always being published to keep on the cutting edge)
  • Phone or onsite training* (when requested)
  • You will be personally trained one on one by Speedy K's specialists with 20+years experience
  • Complete start up chemical package (See chemical package below: You may also custom build your own systems, if requested)
  • Rights of use of Speedy K's renowned name
  • Patented Systems,  trademarks & copy writes (Owned by Speedy K's)
  • Full access and discounts to our own chemicals or our own professional products and equipment supplier
  • Opportunity to create your own business, chemical and equipment packages.  Allowing you to start off small or keep growing$$$! 
  • Website use.  On going updates and advertising of our main site through Speedy K's Corp
  • On going support and company evaluations on your new business (this will help you improve your business)
  • Continuing training programs (optional)
  • Professional Business Coaching through ReThink Business Consulting (optional)
  • Marketing support and so much more!

Biz-Opt entry level items include:

Pressure Washer 2400 PSI GX Honda Powered Roll Cage Pressure Washer 

2 Spray Guns (with wand) 3 & 4 foot wands.   

(2) 50' Pressure hoses (4000 PSI)

Pressure Washer Extra Spray Fitting Kit

Fresh Leather Scent (1 Gallon)

Body Gloss Teflon Spray Wax (1 Gallon

Wheel Acid Cleaner (1 Gallon)

Engine Degreaser (1 Gallon) 

All Purpose Cleaner (1 Gallon)

Heavy Carpet Cleaner (1 Gallon) 

Premium Clear Shine (1 Gallon)

Premium Blue Tire Shine (1 Gallon) 

1 Case of 6 Stoner Spray Shine Aerosol

1 Case of 6 Car Candy Spray Shine Aerosol 

2 Way (1 Gallon)

Production Wax (1 Gallon) 

Complete 12 Favorite Brush Kit

(6) Square Wax Pads 

Polymer Paint Sealant (1 Gallon)

(10) Shine Pads

(6) Bug Pads

(2) 24 Packs of Terry Towels Mix Cotton  

(12) Polishing Diapers

Glass Cleaner (1 Case of 6) Aerosol 

Glass Cleaner Concentrate (1 Gallon)

Vinyl Touch (1 Case of 6) Aerosol 

Slow Reducer (Removes Scuffs/Paint, 1 Gallon)

Vacuum Cleaner - Wet/Dry Vacuum 

(2) 5 Gallon Wash Buckets

(6) Wash Mitts 

California Squeegee

 Chamois Drying Cloth

Car Wash Soap (1 Gallon)

Bottle Kit 

Razor Blades (100)

Plastic Razors (6) 

(2) 50 Extension Cords 

Professional Consulting, Training and Marketing Course 

Marketing and Design Artwork Document Guides

You will receive everything listed above and everything else described in our business opportunity start-up


 You will receive everything listed above and everything else described in our business opportunity start-up.  Or you may custom build your own package or add/remove items from this package.

Speedy K’s Limitless Opportunity

As a business opportunity owner within Speedy K’s network, you will have the personal and professional independence, freedom and control that you want and deserve. You will build a scalable, flexible and profitable business backed by our proprietary systems and solutions, using a proven business model and a definitive formula for success. You will work hard but your efforts will be rewarded if you deliver the first-class and consistent.  We are currently accepting new Biz-Opt applications from motivated, entrepreneurial-minded individuals for new business opportunity openings in high-growth markets.

If you qualify during our application process and you feel that this business is right for you.  We will provide you with our Business Opportunity Document that details all aspects of your investment. We will not sell you a Speedy K's business opportunity until you are satisfied that you have all the information necessary to make an informed and independent decision.  WE WANT YOU TO SUCCEED!

If you are ready to start a new professional carrier and would like to learn more about Speedy K's Business Opportunity, please follow the links below: 


For more information about this exciting opportunity please call or e-mail us today!

Phone: 877-333-9599



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