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About Us

Our one-of-a-kind Mobile Detailing unit is specially designed and built by Speedy K’s detailing design team; this way our sales staff can provide you with the highest grade in detailing services possible.

12 Reasons why you should use Speedy K’s Mobile Detailing Specialists  PA & Ohio certified professional detailing service.  Mobile Detailing auto spa service.

  • Since 1994, Speedy K's Mobile Detailing Specialists have professional detailed over 185,000 autos & over 23,000 recreational transportation.
  • Our detailing specialists go the extra step to ensure the highest quality of service
  • No hassle for you because We Come to You® and clean your Auto's or recreation transportation on the spot! At your home or office or wherever your located!
  • Fully trained, certified, insured and bonded with over 22 years of service
  • Convenience, saving you valuable time and money
  • Speedy K's offers all our clients regular upkeep discounts up to 30% off, free VIP club, company discounts and associate discounts, plus additional free services, promotional items and more.
  • All chemicals used by Speedy K’s are professional grade detailing products and equipment.  They are environmentally safe and bio-degradable.
  • Speedy K's professionally formulates many of our own professional grade detailing products.  Ensuring that you will receive the TOP Notch White Glove Detailing services for your autos and recreational transportation.

  • Speedy K's provides all of our clients the opportunity to purchase the same professional grade products we manufacture and use during your services.  This will aid you in up keeping your autos and recreational transportation in-between professional services.

  • Speedy K's professionals provides you with free consultations on professional upkeep advise and consultations when you are thinking of purchasing a new auto or recreational transportation.    

  • Speedy K’s will provide you with the option to custom build your own detailing packages to suit your needs. If there is a package you do not see online, just let our detailing specialists know and we will be glad to build it
  • Flexible hours to suit your schedule {Sun Up to Sun Down*} -7 Days a week*

Speedy K's Makes A Difference—We Come To You®  Van detailing.  Bus detailing columbus.  Boat detailing columbus.  Detailing products columbus & pa

Speedy K's is a leading provider of expert, professional automotive, recreational transportation care and pressure washing services. Since 1994, our commitment to providing outstanding service and deep product knowledge shows in our careful attention to even the smallest details in caring for our customers’ automobiles and recreational transportation. 

We are a unique automotive, recreational transportation professional detailing service and pressure washing services. Ours is a mobile service; our technicians travel to clients’ locations in our custom designed and patented Mobile Detailing units to fully professional detail vehicles and recreational transportation.

Working on-site is just one piece of the puzzle. This is no bucket-and-a-rag service. Speedy K's vans are state-of-the-art, loaded with all the equipment and products necessary to tackle the toughest detailing challenges. Our technicians bring years of specialized training to every job, from Speedy K's own in-house training to credentials from High end manufactures, body-shop technical schools,  gel coat and fiberglass correction,  PPG and DuPont paint training,  paint protection instructional schools, aircraft exterior and interior technical training, NDS, product chemist chemical training & more. We have also earned manufacturers’ vehicle care certifications, meaning we are well versed in the latest care requirements and products, and are certified by the manufactures themselves to service each make and model of their vehicles or recreational transportation with the utmost care. Our ongoing training includes receiving and reviewing the latest manufacturers' information and attending formal training seminars two-three times a year to keep our crews on the cutting edge. Speedy K’s patented processes and specialized training are well documented. We are literally writing the books on professional automotive and recreational transportation professional detailing. "check out our upcoming books"

Speedy K's premium services are unique. Our white-glove treatment is guaranteed whether your vehicle is a classic roadster, vintage collectible, luxury import like Lamborghini or Ferrari, an expensive touring sedan, multi-passenger jet, or simply the family minivan. We place great value in helping you protect your investment. It is this high level of care that frequently turns our customers into long-term clients.

Speedy K's is very selective with the products we use on our customers’ vehicles or recreational transportation. We use only the best brand products by National Detailing Systems, LLC along with our own line of supplies developed by Speedy K's development team. Speedy K's ensures these products perform at or above our exacting standards. We are involved in product innovation and testing as well. Nothing will be used on a client’s car, truck, motorcycle, boat, plane bus, or helicopter that has not been tested and verified by our team to give outstanding performance. All products are professional-grade, environmentally safe, and biodegradable.

Our Mobile Detailing System gives us the flexibility to offer a wide variety of services, from our structured detailing packages to custom services. Most packages come with discount offers as well for regular upkeep & more. Our knowledgeable sales staff provides clients with all the information needed to choose the right services, and if the package options don’t fit the client’s situation, our associates will guide them through building a custom package, selecting only the services the client needs. Finally, our specialists will schedule service at the time you needed it, and we even schedule service on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. We can schedule your service anytime from sun-up to sun-down, seven days a week.

Whether you own one vehicle that you want to keep in impeccable condition or a fleet, we are ready to help you protect your investment. 

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