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Pressure Washing and Cleaning Services Devision

Speedy K’s offers:

  • Garage cleaning and pressure washing
  • Pressure wash driveways
  • Side walks
  • Decks
  • Porches
  • Houses & more

Park your clean vehicle in a clean garage

Speedy K's would like to offer you professional pressure washing services on your garage, driveway or anywhere else you would like to have a professional cleaning. For example our garage pressure washing services include:

Garage Before
  • Sweep, Scrub and Squeegee your floor
  • Pressure wash driveway 
  • Pressure wash garage floor
  • Remove salt & grime from garage floor & driveway
  • Remove oil stains*
  • Remove, hang & organize your garage items.  

*Stains may not come out all the way in oil soaked areas that went deep into concrete floors.

Garage Before

...We will also pressure wash your driveway, walkways, decks, plus much more.
Just contact your local Speedy K's pressure washing specialist to arrange for  estimate and or appointment dates advailable.

Garage Before


Pressure Washing Services Starting as Low as Only $39.99

Please call your area Speedy K’s for a free estimate.

Speedy K’s pressure waqshing specialists work year round to keep your garages, houses, decks, driveways, & more looking new. Speedy K’s can perform most of our pressure washing services down to 25F degrees.  Prices are subject to change at any time, some prices may vary depending upon cleanliness.

You may earn 10-40% off any pressure washing services when service is performed on a regular basis. Please call or e-mail for additional details.

For Example:  Have your garage cleaned twice a year receive 20% off

Please contact your area Speedy K’s for more information   


You may custom build or create your own pressure washing package to suit your needs

Hourly Rates are $45- 75.00 per hour for specialty services only 

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