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Graffiti removal services

Speedy K's Graffiti removal services use the best in graffiti products that provide a deep penetrating action on many surfaces. Speedy K's provides pressure washing services on:

  • Brick
  • Masonry
  • Concrete
  • Stone
  • Painted metal
  • Bonded fencing
  • Mail boxes
  • Doors
  • All types of metal or plastic signs & much more

Before and After pictures below

graffiti removal columbus graffiti removal columbus graffiti removal columbus graffiti removal columbus


Brick, Masonry & Concrete Cleaner:

This unique product formulation re-liquefies and dissolves spray paint and marker tracks within seconds. No extended soak time is needed and it can be re-applied to wet surfaces as needed, without waiting for the surface to dry.

Metal Saver:

Metal Saver is an easy to use biodegradable, liquid cleaning agent designed for use on pre-finished metal and powder-coated surfaces such as overhead doors, color bonded fencing, mail boxes, traffic signal boxes, painted metal and other types of metal surfaces.

Sign Saver:

Sign Saver is an easy to use biodegradable, liquid cleaner designed for use on interior and exterior signs including most metal and plastic signs, even those with a reflective coating. It is especially effective on highway and railway metal signs.

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