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Damage Done By Automatic Car Washes

This photo shows bristles from a normal Automatic Car Wash. It is made of plastic wire, about 1mm in diameter. The ends are rough, worn and rolled. This comes from whipping against your car at high speeds. They also have small particles of dirt and road grime stuck in the bristles. 

This is an example of a large swirling circular brush commonly found in automatic car washes. They cause a large amount of scratching to your cars finish. These marks are especially evident on dark colored cars. Take aquick look at the photo and it shouldn't be too hard to imagine the kind of scratches this 18"  diameter rotating brush causes.

This shows bristles from a "Soft Wash"  automatic car wash. These deceptively named washes are anything but velvetly soft. In reality, The bristles are slightly thinner than the bristle used in normal car washes. And the material used is still a stiff nylon type plastic.

These common scratches are cause by an automatic car wash. Use of an automatic car wash once or even twice can cause can cause the scratches shown here.

These scratches on a hood of a car are cause by the use of large roller brushes found in automatic car washes.

These scratches on a plastic bumper are caused by the use of an automatic car wash. Use of an automatic car wash once or even twice can cause the scratches shown here.

 The above photo shows the effects of acids found in the soaps of automatic car washes. These acids, combined with the suns powerful UV rays and an untreated surface will often lead to this type of damage. Save your finish by having your vehicle surface professionally sealed by Speedy K's.

This chemical spotting is created by the acids found in many automatic car washes. It can also be cause dny acid rain or heavy minerals found in rain water.
 Flyer below shows a description of average costs to use automatic car washing systems and the damage costs that may occur
Prevent this from happing to your vehicle by using a professional detailing service.   Speedy K's mobile detailing specialists performs professional detailing services starting at only $29.99 (Interior & exterior detailing). Check out our packages on-line or call your area Speedy K's representative & custom build your own to suit your needs.
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