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Company Fleet Detailing Packages

Maintaining the appearance of your company vehicles or recreational transportation is important.

The appearance of your vehicle(s) or recreational transportation is important not only to you, but to your customers as well. A clean and well-maintained vehicle gives a professional image and shows pride in your associates and your company.

At Speedy K’s we understand this importance and will work to provide exceptional, reliable service with the finest in mobile detailing, to ensure that your vehicles have the striking appearance that will get your business recognized.

Our specially trained personnel will wash all vehicles or recreational transportation on site using our Mobile Detailing Van. This Van has been custom designed and manufactured by Speedy K’s to enable us to deliver the high quality service that our clients have come to rely on. 

► Let our specialists know what you are looking for and we will custom build your package to suit your company needs

Click here to view our company's services by Speedy K's Mobile Detailing Specialists

These are just a few of the many detailing services you may choose from:

company fleet detailing, columbus ohio
company fleet detailing services in columbus ohio


  • Pressure washing services only
  • Exterior wash packages
  • Exterior wash and interior vacuum packages
  • Leather interior cleaning and treatment
  • Complete Exterior Detailing (Sealant packages)
  • Buffing services
  • Interior Vacuuming
  • Complete Interior Detailing
  • Interior odor elimination
  • Complete full detailing (interior & exterior)
  • Paint or chemical over spray removal (insurance jobs)
  • Trailer cleaning
  • Tar and grease removal
  • And much more! Build your own custom package to suit your company needs and budget. Just let our Detailing Specialists know what you are looking for and we will build your own detailing package to suite you needs & budget.

Call us today for Free estimates & business proposals

Contact our sales staff for FREE estimate or proposal & further details. Keep your company vehicles or recreational transportation looking new with Speedy K’s Mobile Detailing Specialists.

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