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Additional Auto Detailing Packages

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Complete Interior Scotch Guard Packages

Pro-Guard interior fabric protector is a unique formulation of protective polymers suspended in a non chlorinated solution; it protects all types of fabrics and carpeting, creating a transparent shield that resists both water and oil-based stains. Pro-Guard coats each individual fiber, yet allows fabric to breathe and stay soft. This provides the utmost protection against stains and spills like coffee, soda, milk, ice cream, ketchup, lotion, & others. In addition fabric guard enhances your fabric life by reducing wear from abrasion and eliminating dirt-attracting static build up. Complete interior scotch guard treatment on all velour seats & carpets is available.

Complete Package Starting at: $99.99

*Speedy K’s detailing specialists work year around to keep your vehicles looking and feeling new. Speedy K’s can perform our most services down to 30F degrees, Full detail, vehicle car care & wax packages can be performed 45F degrees and above. Scotch guard packages can be performed 55 degrees and above. Above package price does not include interior detailing if required. Prices are subject to change at any time, some prices may vary depending upon vehicle cleanliness.

You may earn 10-40% off any detailing package when vehicle or recreational transportation is serviced on a regular basis. Please Ask for additional details.

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