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Additional Auto Detailing Packages

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If you have over spray, tar, road paint, brake dust, etc. what ever it maybe on your auto or recreational transportation. Our Specialists can remove it! 


Insurance Claims: Paint and Over Spray Removal

Call or e-mail for a FREE estimate.  Whether this is covered by your insurance or personal.  Our specialists have you covered! 

If you have Paint over spray on your vehicle from: Bridges being painted, body shop work over spray, fences, neighbors house/garage being painted, or anything that may cause over spray to occur on your auto or recreational transportation!

Professional services performed by our specialists.  Each one of our crew members are fully certified and trained in removing over spray that may have occurred.  From insurance claims to personal out of pocket jobs.  Our specialists will perform any type of job you may have. 

Before choosing who will professionally perform these types of services on your auto or recreational transportation.  Always check and research the company to find out if they are certified and trained by the manufacture, PPG, DuPont, Body Shop, NDS, Chemical Certified, Etc.  There are many detailers out there to choose from.  However there are detailers and detailing specialists.  For a professional job with professional advise.  You will want to choose a specialist like Speedy K's staff to help guide you in the right direction at the time of need!    

Speedy K’s Mobile Detailing Specialists will provide you with free estimates for your insurance company or personal company estimate.  We will professionally remove any paint or over spray on your exterior finish.  Please call or e-mail our staff for any additional questions you may have.

One way to check if you auto or recreational transportation has over spray on it.  Is to make sure it is fully washed and cleaned on the exterior finish.  Once this is done.  Lightly rub your hand over the finish.  If it feels ruff in any way and not smooth.  Then you may have over spray on the finish.  Call Speedy K's today for professional consult if this has occurred! 


You may earn 10-40% off any detailing package when vehicle or recreational transportation is serviced on a regular basis. Please Ask for additional details.

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