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Boat Detailing Packages

specialty boat detailing

Specialty Detailing For Boats

These prices include: Gel Coat & Clear Coat Restoration (Wet Sanding & Buffing) Specialty Graphics installed or removed. Chrome Polishing, Wood Teaking, Triple-Deckers or Large Yachts with extra services added/needed. 

Hourly Rates $95.00* per hour..

NOTE: Customers may also build their own boat-detailing packages to suit there needs. Tell our sales staff what you would like done and we will be more than glad to provide you with a price.

These are just a few of the many packages our detailing specialists can provide you. Here at Speedy K's, only professional detailing products are used to provide you with the best services possible.

Our staff takes pride in their work to keep your recreational equipment's appearance like new. If there are any questions about our products, or packages, please contact us.

*Speedy K’s detailing specialists work year around to keep your recreational equipment looking and feeling new. Speedy K’s can perform our most services down to 30F.  Wax packages can be performed 45F degrees and above. Prices are subject to change at any time.  Some prices may vary depending upon cleanliness.  Speedy K's specialists do have a 10 year cut off unless your auto or recreational transportation has been kept up properly as per the manufacture.  Speedy K's reserves the right to refuse the job if they have not been properly upkept and have severe damage to finish or interior.  Speedy K's will not ever sell our customers anything they don't need or if it cant be properly cleaned due to damage.

You may earn 10-40% off any detailing package when vehicle or recreational equipment is serviced on a regular basis. Please Ask for additional details.

Example:  Complete exterior sealant package for 18 foot boat is $150.00
Discount:  If have serviced every 3 months your cost is only $104.99 30% savings

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