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Boat Detailing Packages

boat detailing, columbus ohio

Call us directly for a free quote!


Boat sizes from 16 Feet to 110 Foot Yachts!

Complete Exterior Wash Packages *Starting as low as: $129.99!


  • Complete exterior wash with wax formulated Teflon ®  soap
  • Scrub upper exterior decks to remove exterior droppings or sediment
  • Complete exterior dry
  • Clean exterior windows
  • Wipe down any stainless rails
  • Wipe down rub rail down to water line (If boat is in water)
  • Hand rub out any light scuff marks that may have occurred in use


More Detailing Packages Available:

boat detailing in columbus ohio
  • Exterior Wash Package
  • Complete Exterior Sealant Protection Packages (protects finish longer then regular wax)
  • Complete Exterior Restoration Service Packages
  • Exterior Teak Treatment
  • Decal Removal
  • Complete Interior Detailing
  • Interior Vacuuming
  • Clean & Treat Interior Leather
  • Weekly, Monthly Packages Available
  • Events/Shows Packages
  • Custom Build your own detailing package to suite your needs
  • And Much More!

Speedy K's provides free estimates. We also provide discounts for regular upkeep services. Call today for more details!

A few example packages below: Many more available upon request!

Complete Interior Cleaning:

*Starting as low as: $9.00 per foot. Includes package below.

  • Scrub complete upper and lower decks*
  • Clean interior windows and canopy
  • Clean all interior appliances, including bathroom
  • Remove any scuff marks on interior fiberglass
  • Treat all leather (if equipped) and wax interior fiberglass
  • Vacuum
  • Shampoo all carpeting
  • Clean and treat all vinyl
  • Clean and wipe down all wood finish as needed (teak)*
  • Clean inner fiberglass floors

Full Exterior Detail:

*Starting as low as: $9.00 per foot. Includes package below.

  • Complete exterior wash, including trailer (if equipped)Heavy algae/sediment removal is additional.
  • 2 step hand sealant/treatment procedure (additional steps/restoration is offered if required)* 
  • Clean exterior windows
  • Clean and wipe down all wood finish as needed (teak)* (re-teaking extra)
  • Treat trailer wheels (if equipped)


Full Boat Cleaning (interior and exterior):

*Starting as low as: $16.00 per foot. Includes package below.

  • Remove any scuff marks on interior fiberglass
  • Treat all leather (if equipped) and wax interior fiberglass
  • Full wash including trailer (if equipped)
  • Clean exterior rub rails
  • Clean exterior stainless steel rails
  • Clean and remove any exterior light scuffs in boat
  • Seal with Teflon based sealer wax, *wipe down exterior teak (if equipped)  (re-teaking extra)
  • Light clean up of engine(s) or engine compartment*
  • & much more
  • Vacuum
  • Shampoo all carpeting
  • Clean and treat all vinyl
  • Clean and all wood finish as needed *(teak)
  • Clean inner fiberglass floors
  • Scrub complete upper and lower decks
  • Clean interior windows and canopy
  • Wipe down all interior appliances including bathroom*

                              boat detailing in columbus boat detailing columbus

Other boat services available below:

  • Mold & Mildew Removal
  • Graphic Removal or Installation
  • Professional Buffing & Restoration Services (restore faded & damaged finishes)
  • Polishing Stainless
  • Scratch Repair
  • Insurance Services/Damage Est.
  • And Much More

Examples of mold & mildew removal.  Before and after pictures below:


boat detailing and cleaningseat cleaning boat detailing    

After boat detailing and seat cleaningboat detailing columbus ohio

Prices may vary depending on boat size & cleanliness & upkeep of boat. (see details below) Discounting may apply if boat is up-kept well. Find out how to discounts for regular services.

*Note: The manufacture recommends that your boats interior and exterior should be cleaned and treated at least 2-3 times a year depending upon use.  Heavy use or if your boat sits in the water a high percentage of time.  The manufacture requires additional regular upkeep to prevent interior and exterior damage.  Speedy K's prices above are based on boats that follow these guidelines.  Boats that do not require additional work/products/treatments, size & time prices will increase due to this.  Note: NOT all boats are the same size and or shape.  Above prices are base starting prices for smaller size compact boats without cabins/levels/overall height.  Quotes for boats will be give over phone for your boat directly.  Speedy K's offers regular upkeep discounts, as noted above.  Prices listed above a for boats that have a brilliant finish on the exterior and do not need next services such as buffing/restoration work/heavy interior cleaning or extra added additional services.   Boats that are dull and faded and have not been upkept as per manufacture's recommendations, may be slightly higher in price and or may require restoration services.  Heavy algae removal may be slightly higher in price. If boats are heavily faded and no longer have any gel coating left on finish, our specialists will let you know what process is best on your boat detailing services. Speedy K's specialists will provide you with professional advice and the best options on your boat.  Please note: Detail packages are only available for regular clients that have Speedy K's detail their boats at least every 4-6 weeks. 

Speedy K’s does not perform paint work or gel coat repair on boats, only detailing, polishing, minor scratch repair and graphic removal. Our above package pricing is based on areas detailed in package listing only. These packages are designed to fit our clients' needs and budget.  However, Speedy K's offers high-end more in-depth professional detailing services for clients that are looking to have their boats restored to that like new condition.  Speedy K's will NOT remove any bolted parts or fastened components.  If special requests are made Speedy K's will charge extra for this services and have you sign the invoice waver form which Speedy K's will NOT be responsible if components are damaged in any way.  Mechanical work is not Speedy K's Specialty and we do not perform mechanic repair or removal of accessories.

Speedy K's does not like to substitute pricing for quality of work. If you would like a more in-depth package other than listed above, such as full restoration packages,  including up to an 4-12 step buffing procedure to bring your boat to that like new condition, stainless polished out, appliances polished and scrubbed,  engine areas polished & fully detailed, cabinet areas polished other than wiped down in above packages & more.  These prices are higher.  You can call us for a FREE estimate to discuss.  If our staff determines that there are damaged areas and or areas that can not be repaired, they will notate this to you.   Please call your area Speedy K's for a free in-depth custom-built restoration package.  If boats have not been properly upkept as per the manufacture.  You may have exterior or interior damage.  If this is the case, Speedy K's specialist will note this issue.  We will not be responsible for pre-existing issues. 

Teak: Teak striping, removal and applying new teak is base on an hourly charge. Re-Teaking not included in package pricing  Call for details



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