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RV, Motor Home, Custom Coaches & 5th Wheel Detailing Packages

*Complete exterior wash packages starting at: $159.99   Columbus, OHIO RV Cleaning

  • Complete exterior wash with wax-formulated Teflon ® soap
  • Complete exterior dry
  • Clean exterior windows
  • Clean wheel wells
  • Treat tires
  • Note:  You may also add roof cleaning (extra charge will apply) We clean everything

        rv detaling and cleaning  rv detailing in columbus  rv detailing in columbus ohio  trailer detailing and car wash


Just a few services Speedy K's offers below:  Professional Coach detailing

  • Complete exterior wash packages
  • Complete interior detailing
  • Complete exterior sealant packages 
  • Carpet cleaning
  • Interior leather treatment
  • Exterior buffing restoration
  • Decal removal
  • Odor elimination
  • Roof cleaning
  • Custom build your own package to suit your needs & budget. 
  • Let our sales staff know what your are looking for and we can build any package you need.

Find out how you can receive up to 30% off our regular prices.  Call today for more details today!  Below is just a brief description of the many services we offer:

Complete Exterior Detailing Package:  Wash, complete dry, clean exterior windows, clean exterior underside canopy (if equipped), clean and treat all exterior trim, seals, & tires with special-formulated deluxe shine NDS treatment, clean inner wheel wells, clean and remove any light exterior scuffs, road grime/sediment, perform complete exterior seal & treat with Teflon ® Polymer based sealer (applied just like reg. wax but lasts longer)(this will prolong finish in harsh conditions), treat rims and tires. *Starting as low as $9.00 per foot

Complete Interior Detail:  Vacuum, shampoo all carpeting, clean & treat all vinyl, clean and treat all interior trim and seals with special-formulated mink oil treatments, clean exterior of cabarets and *interior cabinets if requested, clean interior windows, clean all interior appliances (if requested. Separate est. will be given), clean interior bathroom and disinfect, remove scuff marks on floors and walls, treat all leather (if equipped), & much More! call for more details.  *Starting as low as $9.00 per foot

Complete Full Detail: This service would include both the complete exterior and interior package combined and much More* (CALL FOR DETAILS) *Starting as low as $18.00 per foot

*Pricing may be lower or higher depending upon upkeep and cleanliness. Prices may vary depending on RV or trailer size.  If RV or Motor Home has a brilliant finish on the exterior and doesn't have to be buffed completely price may be slightly lower. RV or Motor Homes that are dull and faded may be slightly higher in price. Please note heavy interior cleaning or appliances, removal of items and cabinets/cupboards will be classified as an extra added service and prices will be evaluated either at time of request/service or estimates can be given over the phone.  Speedy K’s does not perform paint work on RV or Motor Homes, only detailing and graphics. You will also receive 10-40% off our regular prices by having your Motor home/RV serviced on a regular basis’s. (Call for more details on discounts and specials)

Specialty Detailing Packages for RV's, Motor Homes Custom Coaches or 5th Wheels

  • Restoration Services
  • Insurance Claims
  • Odor Elimination Services
  • Scratch & Chip Repair
  • Interior Protection
  • Exterior Protection
  • Decal removal
  • Odor elimination
  • Roof cleaning
  • Speedy K's WILL custom build your own package to suit your needs & budget
  • And Much More! Let our sales staff know what your are looking for and we can build any package and or service when it comes to detailing

Above added services are billed on an hourly basis.  Please call for a free estimate today. 614-425-8861 

scratch fixing detailingrv scratch fixing in columbus ohio

rv detailing in columbus ohiorv detailing  

Speedy K's also offers specialty trailer detailing services!

  trailer detailing       trailer detailing in columbus ohio

You may custom build or create your own detailing package to suit your needs & budget.

Hourly rates are *$75 per hour for specialty services only, such as decal removal/installation or custom services.

Hourly prices include specialty graphics removed or installed. Please call for a free estimate today.

Call today for more information about our RV,  Motor Home, 5th wheel or Trailer Detailing.

(614) 425-8861
*Exterior wash package are only available for units that have been serviced by Speedy K's within less then a 4 week upkeep period.   

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