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Testimonials - Erie, PA

From : A.  Hursey State Auto Insurance
Erie , Pa

“Our fleet always looks great.  James and his crew always go beyond the contracted level.  Very friendly staff and helpful.  Thank you!”

From : James Brickner
Pittsburgh , Pa

“Coach has never looked better.  Would recommend!”

From : Philip Kleckner 
Erie , Pa

“Dependable, at a great price”



From : M. Berlingham
Pittsburgh, PA

“Honest, Hard working”



From : Lynn Wertelet 
Edinboro , PA

“They continue to amaze me at what they can make clean”



From : Michale Grim
Mill Creek PA

"Very convenient, workers are courteous, definitely would recommend"



From : Renee Canfield
Mill Creek PA

"I love that they come to where I work to do the job, Awesome cleaning job.  A-1 Service"



From : Steve R.  
Edinboro , Pa/Erie Hanger

“Great job, the finish looks like new on my plane again.” 



From : M. Findley 
Erie , PA

“Wonderful work on keeping my boat clean” 



From : Frank P. 
Erie, Pa

“Does and excellent job on cleaning my boat & keeping it looking new” 



From : Al Randolph 
Erie , Pa

“You can count on Speedy K's for a professional cleaning” 



From : Art. H.
Erie, PA

“Company cars look great!. Awesome cleaning job.  Top notch quality”



From : D. Hudak
Erie PA

"Impressive service, professionalism, absolute pleasure to work with. I would recommend their services to anyone.  "Excellent car care for our fleet!"



From : B. Victor 
Erie, PA

"I never have seen such detail performed when cleaning a vehicle, looks better then when I bought it"



From : George Harrington 
Erie, PA

"This is great, my boat can be cleaned right at my office"


From : Micky Conway

Edinboro, PA

"Staff were very professional and my boat looks great.  Thank you!"

From : Dave Carll
Albion, PA

"I love the whole concept of them coming to our office and cleaning autos while I am at work.  Great job on the interiors & exteriors.  Autos smell like new!."

From : Stephanie Carlson
Edinboro, PA

"Speedy K's had great attention to detail on our company vehicles.  Keep up the good work."

From : Carol Huegel
Erie, PA

"I can't believe they cleaned my RV in the parking lot at work.  Enjoyable to work with.  I will refer this service to my friends and co-workers."

From : Philip Kleckner
Erie, PA

"Professional, dependable service at a great price."


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