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Additional Auto Detailing Packages

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Headlight Repair (Restoration of headlights)


Headlight Repair Packages: Before and After image

Pricing Below:


(Discounts for this repair will apply if other services are performed at the same time, please call or e-mail for details)

Example: If you have this repair done during your Full Detail Package the cost for this repair will only be $59.99

RV/Motorhomes slightly higher:  Call for a FREE estimate today!


This is an in-depth complete wet sanding,  polishing and sealant process.  This is not a quick fix like many as seen on TV adds or by unprofessional detail centers (which they repairs do not last the only cover the problem areas temporarily).  This is a full in-depth process which repairs the headlights and does not just mask the headlights.   

Please note: Prices above may be slightly higher if headlights are heavily stained or damaged. Note deep chips, scratches or stains may not come out all the way. Headlights have to be composite plastic and cannot be glass in order to perform repairs. Call your area Speedy K's for more details & free estimate.


Polycarbonate Composite Headlights

Today's headlights are manufactured of polycarbonate plastic for its tensile strength and ability to be manufactured to conform to the front-end styling of a vehicle. Polycarbonate, although a very hard plastic, is a very porous plastic so during manufacturing a protective silicone hard coat is applied to the headlight lenses. This silicone hard coat is to protect the lens from intense sun and heat, road chemicals, humidity and acid rain.

Problem: The Protective Silicone Hard Coat Does Not Work

Intense sun and heat, road chemicals, humidity, insects, bird droppings and acid rain combined with the heat of the halogen bulb will, in little as 1 year, damage the protective hard coat to the point that a ugly discolored, cloudy, hazy appearance develops on the lenses. This damage will restrict the headlights ability to project its beam of light at night and during adverse weather conditions, by as much as 90% in most cases. Is it better for your customers to see a road hazard at 100 feet or 400 feet while traveling 65 mph at night???


The KL-2 Klear-Lites Do It Yourself System is not a plastic polish or wax, it is a 3 step process that will instruct you on how to remove enough of the damaged plastic to restore clarity, illumination, photometry and optical qualities to your ugly plastic headlights and then resurface them, with an advanced formula resurfacer that will adhere to polycarbonate and acrylic plastic, for long lasting protection. You should expect 1-2 years of protection, depending on driving habits. The process is easy as 1-2-3 to do, just follow the instructions and suggestions and you too can...


You may earn 10-30% off any detailing package when vehicle or recreational equipment is serviced on a regular basis. Please Ask for additional details.

Example:  Reg cost: Complete Restoration Package is $199.99
Discount:  If serviced once a month Complete Restoration Package is Only $139.99 - 30% savings

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