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Restoration and Connoisseurs In-depth Packages

Do you want your vehicle to look even better than when you bought it brand new from the showroom floor? The sleek shine and deep gloss is what made you and fall in love with it and decide you had to have it. Over time, your vehicle's finish may dull and become less prevalent than when you first bought it. Yes, you may have waxed and sealed your vehicle's finish over the years, but nothing will compare to a complete deep 4-7 step professional polishing and hand applied sealant package from Speedy K's restoration specialists.

Whether you are looking for a complete exterior restoration or restoration of the entire vehicle from the engine compartment to the underside components, Speedy K's Mobile Detailing Specialists is your answer.

Our specialists are fully trained, certified, insured and bonded. With over 28 years of professional detailing experience using the highest grade in professional detailing products, Speedy K's will give you the showroom shine and longevity you are looking for.

Below are just a few examples of packages Speedy K's offers. References and testimonials are available. Please call or e-mail for a FREE estimate today.

On-site travel throughout the US and select other countries

If you live outside of the Ohio or Pennsylvania area and would like Speedy K's Mobile Detailing Specialists to come to you and preserve your vehicle or private collection at your home or showroom, travel arrangements can be made to provide you with the professionalism you are looking for. Please call or e-mail our specialists to discuss travel fees and expenses.

Connoisseur Preparation/ Restoration Preservation

Our connoisseur preparation/restoration package is a top-of-the-line white glove detailing service. It consists of full reconditioning and restoration of the exterior, full interior, engine compartment components and the vehicle's underside. Every square inch of the vehicle is covered. The complete exterior of the vehicle will be professionally polished in a 3-5 step buffing procedure (more or less steps may be performed depending upon vehicle's finish) After polishing with our low-speed restoration polishing process, we apply two coats of polymer Teflon® paint sealant. This will bring back the deep gloss finish to a like-new condition with paint protection and longevity.

If you’re an auto enthusiast that wants the absolute best service available for your prized possession, or you wish to restore and preserve the finish (and value) of your vehicle to its original condition or better, this package is your answer.

The connoisseur preparation/restoration package is the best-fit package for a connoisseur's exotics, classics being taken to auction, recently purchased pre-owned vehicles, those looking to increase resale value, or enthusiasts who simply want the best detailing services available, covering every square inch.

The asthetic improvement can potentially add thousands of dollars to the resale value of your vehicle. For high-end automobiles, the increase in value (and subsequent return on investment) can be staggering.

Although each vehicle has individual needs, most will require the following processes:

  • Complete exterior of vehicle will be hand-washed with professional grade non-corrosive bio-degradable soap. Your vehicle may be washed again after polishing is complete and before polymer Teflon® sealant is applied. This will eliminate any fine particles of dust and compounds used during the polishing process. Rims, tires, and wheel wells are fully hand-scrubbed and detailed with specialty detailing brushes to remove all dirt, grime, etc.
  • Engine bay is completely washed from above and below, degreased, scrubbed where needed, components polished (if vehicle is a classic or show vehicle), and dressed with deluxe shine specialty protectant.
  • Exterior is clay-barred to remove any sediment before polishing procedure is started.
  • Variable-speed compounding, polishing, and paint sealant processes are used and may differ from each vehicle depending upon condition of paint. This will permanently remove most defects, swirls, etching, and light scratches to produce the ultimate finish that in many cases is better than new. (Please note: Deep scratches, defects and paint blemishes may not come out completely. This will be covered when estimate is given.)
  • Door jams are fully cleaned, degreased and re-greased as needed. Door seals are treated with seal treatment to prevent from cracking.
  • Wheels are polished and treated with sealant. Sealants may be different depending upon the vehicle being serviced or types of rims the vehicle is equipped with (Aluminum wheels, steel, carbon fiber, & others).
  • Headlights and taillights are polished to remove light defects and film/haze to restore original luster and clarity.
  • Complete exterior trim is polished and treated as needed (exhaust tips, trim, emblems, chrome bumpers, etc ).
  • Complete exterior polymer Teflon® two-coat treatment is applied to complete exterior of vehicle's finish.
  • Complete interior trim will be cleaned, polished and treated (Classic vehicle's interior treatment process will differ from a new vehicle's interior treatment)
  • All cracks and crevices will be cleaned with specialty detailing brushes and cleaning utensils.
  • Metal and painted interior surfaces will be Teflon®-polished and treated.
  • Leather surfaces will be cleaned and conditioned with professional grade mink oil NDS leather treatment.
  • Trunk will be vacuumed, cleaned, and dressed as necessary. If equipped with a spare in the truck compartment, all covers are lifted, cleaned and treated.
  • Complete interior and exterior glass will be cleaned.
  • If requested in estimate: Complete vehicle's underside components will be cleaned and polished (this addition is provided for clients that have show vehicles or classic collections that are being stored). If vehicle requires lift service, this will be arranged and discussed at the time the estimate is given.
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Please note: You may request specialty services on any package or add any other services listed on our web site. Time requirements for connoisseur preparation/restoration services depend upon work requirements and number of technicians dispatched during time of service. Estimated time to complete services is 1-2 days. More or less time may be required depending upon package agreed upon, vehicle condition, and type of finish (base coat or clear coat). Time frame will be provided at the time the estimate is given.

Price range will vary for each vehicle and each vehicle requires an individual estimate. Call our professionals today for a free estimate.

For this level of service, we always first consult with the client and perform a comprehensive vehicle inspection to determine the vehicle's needs and establish an estimate of time and cost involved.



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